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What Kind of Website Do You Need?
Corporate website, personal blog page, news website, real estate website, car rental website and dozens of other types, don’t worry whichever one you need. We are here to do the best!
  • With a beautiful design that will impress your customers, we make them stay on your website longer..
  • We create a sense of trust by fully reflecting your company with interesting content and modules..
  • We enable them to contact you by making them think that your company is the best in the sector.
  • We do everything necessary by taking all the burden on you while having a web design.
  • With the easy and mobile-friendly management panel, you will be able to edit your site and add new content wherever you want.
  • We make your website the best in the industry with a fast, mobile compatible, modern design, WhatsApp support button and more.
What are the Most Basic Features in Web Design?

What should be the most basic features when you want to have a website? You can see the essential features and design requirements on the side while making a website.

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Mobile Compatible

With a design that can easily adapt to all screens, it is aimed for users to navigate the site more comfortably.

SEO Friendly

By using a seo friendly infrastructure and making on-site seo settings, a faster rise in Google is achieved.

Fast Loading

It must be opened quickly, both for SEO and so that users do not get bored while waiting and leave the page.

Management Panel

With an easy-to-use management panel, even someone who doesn't understand should be able to edit easily.

Modern Design

With a modern design in line with today's trends, it is ensured that users spend more time by appealing to their eyes.

All Inclusive

Whatever it takes for web design, the agency should take on the burden of the customer.
We Can Call You For Details!

    Web design is designs that can be viewed in internet browsers to promote people or institutions. Design is necessary to harmoniously place the images and texts necessary to create a website on this page.

    Web Design Importance

    • A website is the first way to create digital identities of individuals or institutions today.

    • Considering the speed of spreading of an image on the Internet, the importance of reaching the name of your company or your products to an unpredictable number of people with a website cannot be ignored.
    • A website is needed especially in order for newly opened companies to stay in their sectors, to keep their customers informed about the innovations they make, to attract new customers with the products you bring, and to follow your campaigns easily.
    • Since it is open 24/7, they have the opportunity to earn money day and night.
    • Thanks to the design, your company will add professionalism. The fact that the companies are professional will also increase the reliability between the customer and the company.
    • Today, many people prefer to meet with companies they find on the internet instead of visiting one by one in order to get the services they need. Therefore, web design is increasing its importance day by day.
    • Companies that have a place in the internet environment will be one step ahead of their competitors.

    Web design is generally divided into two. We, as Extra Bilişim, use both of the following designs in line with the wishes of our esteemed companies.

    1) Designs based on a certain template: These types of designs are the designs that a few infrastructures (such as wordpress, opencart) pre-determine the design and put in a certain order and offer to the options of the companies. However, it offers some basic features such as adding logos, changing backgrounds, adding texts and images. Most of the infrastructures give open source code. The fact that these codes are open source offers the opportunity to change many features in the template and add new features.

    2) Special designs: These designs, html, css etc. in line with the requests of the companies. They are designs made using software languages. When you want to have a custom design done, the web designer writes every part of the code from scratch. Since these designs are written entirely according to the wishes of the companies, they cannot be in any of the other companies.

    The first step to create a good web design is the analysis phase. Companies should give all the data they have about the area they serve to the designer. With this data obtained, the designer decides what kind of design he should make by making competitor analysis. With this information, the demo is created. This is the design phase. Through the demo, it is aimed to reach the best design by completing the last deficiencies with the company. The website whose design is completed defines its first step in the virtual environment. The most important and final stage of the completed projects is the support process. Web design experts should help the company to continuously improve the design.

    Web Design Sample References

    You can review some of the sites we have prepared for our customers below. If you want the next website we will prepare for you, you can contact us immediately to discuss the details.