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Reaching New Customers by Branding is Easy!
How about creating brand awareness with the right management of Instagram, Facebook and other social networks? We can announce your company to more people and gain new customers.
  • By making remarkable posts at the right times, users will see you more.
  • With beautifully planned campaigns and discounts, your followers will interact with you.
  • By making interesting draws, surveys, and story sharing, new followers are reached and your accounts appear more interactive.
  • We prepare special templates for your company and share your products and services using the same template.
  • Institutionalization of the company is increased by preparing company-specific pictures or videos for special days and weeks.
  • Profile arrangements on Instagram and Facebook are made in the most correct way, giving a beautiful appearance.
Social Media Management Requirements

What must be done for social media management? How does a company become a big brand using social media? You will find all the details on this page!

Happy Customers
Completed Projects

Increase Followers

With real follower increasing methods, it is ensured that the number of followers of your social media accounts is increased regularly.

Special Day Sharing

The corporate appearance of your company is enhanced with special celebration pictures prepared for special occasions.

Campaign Management

It is ensured that special campaigns and discounts are planned for your company and these campaigns are implemented in the best way.

Business Ads

With Business ads, we reach the right customer group by using more detailed filtering methods.

Custom Templates

In order for your accounts to have a certain order, special templates are prepared for your company and the shares are made with this template.

Lottery and Poll

With lottery and survey management, you can gain new followers and have a more interactive account.
Let us call you to give detailed information!

    Social media has a great impact in terms of communicating with the potential customer base of the companies and making the brand more known, and its impact is increasing day by day. Therefore, it is very important to do social media management professionally. If companies want to convey the quality of their brands to wider audiences, they must work with a social media expert. Social media management seems like a job that anyone can easily do. Actually, that is not the case. Anyone can open a page, but the important thing is to use it correctly. You need to follow the right path to reach the target audience and to be able to recognize your brand.

    Why be active on social media?

    Applications such as Instagram and Facebook, which we call social media, are important applications where people spend most of their time during the day. In today’s conditions, it is a fact that people are on social media rather than commuting or chatting. In an environment where people are so active, they need to be active in the same way in their companies.

    Social media management considerations

    In order to become a well-known brand in social media, it is necessary to pay attention to a few important points. Your goal is to reach as many people as possible and get their attention. First of all, you need to enter your information correctly when opening an account. You should use your brand name in the same way as your account name. This will make people familiar with your brand name. Contact information must be entered correctly and enable customers to reach you. It should not be forgotten that people who cannot reach you will doubt your reliability. Likewise, your biography should describe the area you serve and the work you do in detail.
    Highlights should be thought of as menus on your website or showcase in your store and well organized. Because the first place that a customer will look for will be the highlights.

    From a content point of view, putting your products in a specific template will always make your page stand out. For this, you should work with a graphic designer who can make a special design for you. If you work with a social media management agency, they will have these templates ready for you.

    You should follow the special days, not skip them and make sure to share.

    References are very important for companies that sell products. We know that people first ask their acquaintances to get the product they need. For this reason, what we call word of mouth advertising is of great importance for companies. Companies should also show this situation in their social media accounts. Sharing your deliveries will make people feel sincere and increase your likes and followers. These processes will be very easy for you with a company that provides social media management services with a team of experts who dominate these works.

    Interacting with people as much as sharing on social media plays a big role in growing your company. Broadcasting live and answering the questions people ask in live broadcasts will increase this interaction. Replying to the messages as soon as possible ensures that you do not miss your potential customer. In this case, you should also pay attention to the way you talk to your customers. You must speak respectfully, effectively, and fully willing to help.

    The importance of advertising should not be forgotten in order to gain followers and increase brand awareness on social media. It is important not to allocate too much budget for advertising, but to use the budget correctly. For this reason, advertisement settings must be made correctly. In particular, your customer base should be well defined. Today, there are as many users on social media as there are company advertisements.
    The most desired situation of companies in social media is to explore. Discover means more customers see you, more followers you gain, which means your company grows faster. The correct use of all of the above, the likes, comments and saves you receive will help you get to the discover section. It will be beneficial for you to learn that there will be studies in this direction while receiving social media management services.

    Using hashtags is a good step towards reaching new customers. The tags under your posts should definitely not go beyond your services, that is, they should be compatible. You are very likely to get shadow bans with irrelevant tags. Shadow ban is one of the worst situations an account can face. Because it is very difficult to understand and remove the shadow. It is a situation that slows down or even stops you gaining followers, creating a shadow between you and your hashtags and discovery. It takes a long time, sometimes even impossible, to recover from this situation. In cases where it is late, it makes the solution even more impossible. Therefore, it would be better to get professional support.

    Instagram store opening

    Today, the most demanded feature of companies is the feature of opening a store on Instagram. The biggest problem with the store is not the opening but the approval process. Since this process is opened in certain countries first, large companies can easily get this store approved. This feature gradually began to be used in Turkey. This approval process will not be easy for medium and small companies.

    The first step in opening a store is to switch the Instagram page to the business account. At the same time, your Instagram account must be linked to a Facebook account. First of all, a product catalog should be created for you on Facebook. After that, it goes to the approval phase of the feature.

    Instagram blue tick verification

    The blue tick that we see in the Instagram profiles of corporate brands means an approved account.

    In social media, everyone has the right to open any profile or page on behalf of the person they want. You do not have to prove that you are that person or that you are the representative of that brand by submitting any documents. Therefore, it is not possible for social media users to understand whether an account really belongs to that person. Here, the blue tick therefore provides security to the profile it is on.

    So How Do We Do Social Media Management Service?
    • We conduct competitor analysis with the information we receive from you.
    • We open all your social media accounts.
    • First of all, we prepare templates specific to your company for your posts and campaigns.
    • We get all the data you have about your company.
    • By looking at the results of competitor analysis, we determine what kind of posts we should make at what times.
    • We meet with companies on certain days of the week and determine the shares of the week.
    • We are working to increase your interaction with people by coming to your stores and making live broadcasts.
    • We support the page with draws at certain time intervals and contribute to the increase of your followers.
    • We are applying for a blue tick.
    • We help you open an Instagram store and create a catalog.
    • We communicate with your customers and respond to your messages instantly.
    • We prepare a report about the account at certain time intervals and present it to your view.
    • We do not forget the special days and share designs specific to the company in order to create awareness on the page.
    • We organize your ad settings in accordance with your target audience and contribute to the revival of your page with various campaigns.

    If you are doing company research to get social media management service, this article has been enough to give you an idea. If you want to get more detailed information and listen to the work to be done from our team, you can contact us.