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Do you know that you can reach new customer bases by rising to the top of Google? Let’s identify the most searched words in your industry with our professional team and move you to the top of Google!
  • For on-site seo work, meta tag, title, link structure arrangements and 18 more criteria are applied.
  • Backlink creation processes and many more criteria are applied for off-site seo work.
  • Apart from on-site and off-site seo, 12 main criteria are applied in all details in the most beneficial way.
  • When your website is ranked first in Google, users who do not know your company will reach you more easily.
  • Your expenses are reduced because you will be on the first page of Google without constantly paying for Google AdWords advertising.
  • Since you are on the first page, your company and the services you provide will be more valuable in the eyes of users.
What are the Most Basic Criteria in SEO Optimization?

What are the most basic criteria of SEO work? Have you ever wondered what methods you can get on the first page of Google? In a very short summary, you can examine the most basic criteria from the side!

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On-Site SEO

Meta tag entries, link structure and title arrangements, cache controls are done in the most appropriate way.

Off-Site Seo

With off-site seo work, processes such as getting links from companies and blog pages related to your sector are applied.

Design Seo

Alt tags of images, names, menu structure, etc. Topics should be arranged down to the smallest detail.

Software Seo

Many criteria are applied, such as the creation of a sitemap, correct coding of the site, and file compression.

Hosting Based SEO

Hosting's ping time, location, capacity, ram and processor features should be used in the most appropriate way for the website.

Mobile SEO

In mobile seo work, responsive design, mobile opening speed, link redirects are arranged appropriately.
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    Optimizing the content, the most accurate and up-to-date data, the ranking criteria of the existing website and the searches made by the users on the internet, is possible thanks to SEO. In other words, seo optimization is of great importance in presenting your website to users by making it stand out from other sites. The better your site rank, the more users will see and visit your site.

    Why Should Companies Have Seo Optimization?

    Every company wants to stay one step ahead of its competitors and enlarge its business even more. To catch this growth and reach more customers, they have a website. Do you think your website can reach the right users while taking its place on the internet?

    Working with an expert web design firm or having a good website prepared sometimes does not bring you the results you want. In fact, you may not be able to get rid of lower ranks in search engines. This situation cannot bring you the success you want to achieve, except for taking place in the virtual environment, and there is no change in your customer base. Just in this case, SEO comes into play and takes you one step ahead.

    According to research, companies that have SEO services increase their customers, increase the density in their stores, increase the number of business phones, and make their brands more recognizable by people.
    Thanks to SEO, customers will see your website in the top ranks with the words they will write to the search engines. In this way, your company will grow and earn more than you expected in a short time.

    How to Do Seo Optimization?

    SEO work actually has a preliminary preparation and planning. Projects that progress in line with the right analyzes can always be successful. SEO optimization is a long effort. Therefore, it requires long work between the company and the seo agency. The first thing to do in Seo work is to determine the keywords that will be moved to the top positions in Google by making competitor analysis. is to be determined. The duration of the SEO work and the pricing process are determined by the competition of these keywords and the number of monthly searches.
    The studies start with the on-site seo criteria, which are the two most basic criteria of seo work. The meta description, keywords tags, titles, contents and link structures of the pages with the site are arranged according to the current Google algorithms in line with the determined keywords. Google bots should be warned by creating pages within the site for each keyword. Seo compatible articles should be written by experts in the field for the determined keywords. It is of great importance for seo work that the articles are original and that they continue to be added with keyword derivatives. Apart from the ones described, studies are carried out with dozens of on-site seo criteria.
    With off-site seo work, which is another of the most basic criteria, links should be obtained from the sites and blog sites of important companies related to the sector. At the same time, linking to important sites related to the sector is positively received by Google and affects the ranking.
    Apart from the on-site seo and off-site seo criteria, 12 basic seo criteria are applied with great care to ensure that your site rises to the top of Google in the most permanent way.

    As a result, SEO optimization is a work that requires a lot of patience and needs to be done with great care. It is also of great importance that these studies are carried out by a company specialized in the field. If you are considering SEO optimization and you still have not decided who you want to do, you can contact us immediately.