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How about selling even while you sleep?
The easiest way to sell even while you sleep, of course, is online selling! We can help you quickly enter the online sales market, which has become almost a necessity for companies.
  • The ability to add unlimited products, the ability to enter detailed descriptions of products, unlimited pictures, etc. You will be one step ahead with hundreds of features.
  • You will make a quick entrance to the online sales market with its easy management panel, easy integration features with marketplace sites such as n11,
  • With its mobile compatible, modern design, your customers will be able to easily find what they are looking for while shopping on the site.
  • By reducing marketing costs, it allows you to sell more easily and effortlessly.
  • You enter a very large market where you can easily reach new customers. (Think of it like keeping a shop on the busiest street.)
  • You can minimize inventory costs by buying and selling products according to demands.
What Should Be in E-Commerce Software?

When you decide to buy e-commerce software, what are the must-have features, what should be considered, we will share the most basic features with you in this section.

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Marketplace Integration

By quickly integrating with marketplaces such as n11, your products should be seen in more than one place.

Product Management

Products should be easy to add and remove, easily placed on pages, and have detailed filtering options.

Campaign Modules

In order for you to easily announce your campaigns and discounts, the sections you will use must be specially added.

Corporate Blog

It is an indispensable part of the blog for e-commerce. It's good to have new informative articles on your site, both for seo and for users visiting your site.

Security Precautions

In addition to a strong SSL certificate, strong security measures should be taken against attacks on sites.

Mobile Compatible

It must have a responsive design so that users can easily pass your site from any device they want.
Let us call you to give detailed information!

    E-commerce is software made for the purpose of promoting and selling the products of stores on the internet. In other words, the software that you go to every day and open the doors of your store, which contains your products, to the internet environment is called e-commerce software. There are 2 main differences between them.

    The first of these differences is that your online store is open 24/7. It is one of the most important steps of being a corporate and professional company that the sales you can make during the day can be made while you sleep. Another difference is that even a person at the furthest point from you will be able to see your products.

    It is seen that people have time problems in their business life day by day. When comparing the time people spend at the cashier with the duration of the online payment process, the difference is huge. Therefore, it has become a necessity to complete their needs in a short time with one click.

    E-commerce is one of the most important livelihoods of today. It is the expectations of companies from e-commerce software that products and services can reach customers and that orders can be taken more easily and quickly. In order to meet these expectations, of course, you will need a good software developer.

    A successful e-commerce software must first be usable. Being available means offering customers an easy shopping experience. It should be built on a certain order without tiring the user and without confusing them. Technically, it is necessary to go to the basket with a few clicks and make the payment easily.

    The search bar is the most important part of an e-commerce page. The easy accessibility of the search bar ensures that users can find the product they are looking for more easily, and that the customer can re-enter the page for a long time.

    When we think in terms of design, it should be completely arranged according to the customer’s tastes. Convenience, simplicity, attractiveness in colors are the most important issues to consider when designing.

    It is necessary to keep these pages constantly updated in order to ensure that customers re-enter the page.

    What Are Some Benefits of E-Commerce Software?
    • More customers are reached.
    • It ensures that customers are immediately informed about the campaigns.
    • Brand awareness increases.
    • It offers the opportunity to shop 24/7.
    • It saves time.
    • All products can be easily displayed.
    • It provides big profits to companies.

    In order for companies to make a profit in e-commerce, they must first determine their targets well. It is necessary to have the necessary speed and stock. One of the most important issues to be considered is the issue of speed. In order not to waste time in e-commerce, people want their products to reach their hands immediately, as they wish. Reaching more customers is provided by the cooperation of the company and the web design specialist. While the web design specialist prepares the design well, they should set a good advertising budget in their company. In clearer language, the more budget is allocated, the more customers can be reached.

    If attention is paid to these and similar points, the growth of companies will take place in a much shorter time.